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Nephrotoxicity after PRRT - still a serious clinical problem? Renal toxicity after peptide receptor radionuclide therapy with 90Y-DOTATATE and 90Y/177Lu-DOTATATE.

J. Kunikowska, L. Królicki, A. Sowa-Staszczak, D. Pawlak, A. Hubalewska-Dydejczyk, R. Mikołajczak
Endokrynologia Polska Vol. 64 (2013) 13-20

A study of selected properties of rhenium sulphide dispersion

D. Pawlak, J.L. Parus, E. Skwarek, W. Janusz
Physicochem. Probl. Miner. Process. Vol. 50 (2013) 387-397

PF191012 Myszyniec – highest Orionid meteor ever recorded

A. Olech, ... , Z. Tymiński, ... et al.
Astron. Astrophys. Vol. 557 (2013) A89

Radioactive waste management: Review on clearance levels and acceptance criteria legislation, requirements and standards

F.J. Maringer, ... , Z. Tymiński, ... et al.
Appl. Radiat. Isot. Vol. 81 (2013) 255

Determination of 90Sr traces in medical 90Y after separation on DGA column

D. Pawlak, J.L. Parus, T. Dziel, A. Muklanowicz, R. Mikołajczak
Talanta Vol. 1-4 (2013) 114

Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor imaging with [Lys 40(Ahx-HYNIC-99mTc/EDDA)NH2 ]-exendin-4 for the detection of insulinoma

A. Sowa-Staszczak, ... , R. Mikołajczak, B. Janota, ... et al.
Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imaging Vol. 40 (2013) 524-531

Semiquantitative analysis and characterization of physiological biodistribution of (68)Ga-DOTA-TATE PET/CT.

J. Kunikowska, L. Królicki, D. Pawlak, I. Zerizer, R. Mikołajczak
Clinical Nuc. Med. Vol. 37 (2013) 1052-57

Radiofarmaceutyki: aspekty kontroli jakości zawartości substancji czynnej na przykładzie kwasu metylenodifosfonowego (MDP)

J. Staniszewska, E. Bulska
Analityka : nauka i praktyka Vol. 4 (2013) 4-10

Different technical possibilities of post-therapeutic tandem 90Y/177Lu-DOTATATE imaging

J. Kunikowska, ... , D. Pawlak, ... et al.
Nucl Med Rev Vol. 16 (2013) 70-73

Synthesis and structural investigations of gel metal oxide composites WO3-ZrO2, WO3-TiO2, WO3-ZrO2-SiO2, and their evaluation as materials for the preparation of 188W/188Re generator

E. Iller, D. Wawszczak, M. Konior, H. Polkowska-Motrenko, J.J. Milczarek, L. Górski
Appl. Radiat. Isot. Vol. 75 (2013) 115-127

Glucagon-like Peptide-1 Receptor Imaging with [Lys40(Ahx-HYNIC-99mTc/EDDA)NH2]-Exendin-4 for the Diagnosis of Recurrence or Dissemination of Medullary Thyroid Cancer: A Preliminary Report 

D. Pach, ... , R. Mikołajczak, B. Janota, ... et al.
Int. J. of Endocrinology Vol. 2013 (2013) 384508

Results of an international comparison for the activity measurement of 177Lu.

B.E. Zimmerman, ... , T. Dziel, ... et al.
Appl. Radiat. Isot. Vol. 70 (2012) 1825-1830

Standardization of the 85Sr solution by three methods

R. Broda, T. Dziel, A. Muklanowicz
Appl. Radiat. Isot. Vol. 70 (2012) 2222-2226

Imaging of inflamed carotid artery atherosclerotic plaques with the use of 99mTc-HYNIC-IL-2 scintigraphy in end-stage renal disease patients

M. Opalinska, ... , R. Mikołajczak, P. Garnuszek, M. Maurin, U. Karczmarczyk, ... et al.
Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imaging Vol. 39 (2012) 673-682

Pharmaceutical development on DOTA-anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody for Lu-177 labelling

W. Wojdowska, U. Karczmarczyk, E. Byszewska, P. Garnuszek, R. Mikołajczak
Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imaging Vol. SUP2 (2012) S533-S533

Beta-emitting radionuclides for peptide receptor radionuclide therapy

J. Parus, R. Mikołajczak
Curr. Top. Med. Chem. Vol. 12 (2012)

Clinical indications to the use of 99mTc-EDDA/HYNIC-TOC to detect somatostatin receptor-positive neuroendocrine tumors

M.G. Parisella, ... , R. Mikołajczak, ... et al.
Q J Nucl Med Mol Imaging Vol. 56 (2012) 90-98

44Sc-DOTA-BN[2-14]NH2 in comparison to 68Ga-DOTA-BN[2-14]NH2 in pre-clinical investigation. Is 44Sc a potential radionuclide for PET?

E. Koumarianou, ... , D. Pawlak, R. Mikołajczak, ... et al.
Appl. Radiat. Isot. Vol. 70 (2012) 2669-2676

Recombinant fragment of an antibody tailored for direct radioiodination

J. Sedláček, ... , R. Mikołajczak, ... et al.
J Labelled Comp Radiopharm Vol. 55 (2012) 52 - 56

Nanodosimetry of Auger Electrons - experiment and modelling

S. Pszona, A. Bancer, B. Grosswendt, W. Czarnacki, I. Cieszykowska
Radiat. Meas. Vol. 47 (2012) 1092-1096

Comparison of chromatographic methods for quality control of DMSA complexes with 99mTc and 188Re at (III) and (V) oxidation states

P. Garnuszek, D. Pawlak, M. Maurin, D. Jankovic, U. Karczmarczyk, R. Mikołajczak
Nucl Med Rev Vol. 15 (2012) 95-100

Search of radiation hormesis in plants: irradiation of the cress (Lepidium sativum L.)

K.W. Fornalski, Ł. Adamowski, T.W. Turowski, J. Wojnarowicz
Nukleonika Vol. 57 (2012) 421

Radiopharmaceuticals in Cardiology

R. Mikołajczak, P. Garnuszek
Nucl Med Rev Vol. 15 (2012) 39-45

Repeated cycles of peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) - Results and side-effects of the radioisotope (90)Y-DOTA TATE, (177)Lu-DOTA TATE or (90)Y/(177)Lu-DOTA TATE therapy in patients with disseminated NET.

D. Pach, ... , R. Mikołajczak, D. Pawlak, ... et al.
Radiother. Oncol. Vol. 102 (2012) 45-50

Ga-68 labelling of of DOTATATE for clinical application in PET/CT of neuroendocrine tumors

D. Pawlak, J. Kunikowska, L. Królicki, W. Wojdowska, L. Grabowska, R. Mikołajczak
J Labelled Comp Radiopharm Vol. 54 (2011) S343-S343

Synthesis and quality control of Ga-68-citrate for PET/CT, preliminary results

D. Pawlak, W. Wojdowska, J. Kunikowska, J. Marchel, L. Królicki, R. Mikołajczak
J Labelled Comp Radiopharm Vol. 54 (2011) S342-S342

Production of 18F by Proton Irradiation of C6H6NF and C6H5NF2

E. Betak, R. Mikołajczak, J. Staniszewska, S. Mikołajewski, E. Rurarz, J. Wojtkowska
Nukleonika Vol. 56 (2011) 269-276

Thermal diffusion of 57Co into rhodium matrix as a second step in preparing Mössbauer sources

I. Cieszykowska, M. Żółtowska, P. Zachariasz, A. Piasecki, T. Janiak, M. Mielcarski
Appl. Radiat. Isot. Vol. 69 (2011) 1193-1197

Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy as a potential tool for neoadjuvant therapy in patients with inoperable neuroendocrine tumours (NETs)

A. Sowa-Staszczak, ... , R. Mikołajczak, D. Pawlak, ... et al.
Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imaging Vol. 38 (2011) 1669-1674

Clinical results of radionuclide therapy of neuroendocrine tumours with (90)Y-DOTATATE and tandem (90)Y/ (177)Lu-DOTATATE: which is a better therapy option?

J. Kunikowska, L. Królicki, A. Hubalewska-Dydejczyk, R. Mikołajczak, A. Sowa-Staszczak, D. Pawlak
Eur. J. Nucl. Med. Mol. Imaging Vol. 38 (2011) 1788-1797


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